Happening NOW with triSistah4:12

Hello triSistah4:12 community!

triSistah4:12 has 3 events coming up and we want you to attend and really need your support. You can go to the website to see the events slated for June -December.  www.trisistah4:12.org

April 27th at 8PM on Facebook LIVE is triSistah:412 LIVE. Jump on line find our FACEBOOK PAGE and hear a word of encouragement and join in for prayer.


April is triSistah4:12 Service Month. Join us Friday, April 28, 2017 @7:15pm~ 4th Friday Church Under the Bridge with New Faith Church Outreach Ministry and 1000 Hills Ministry International. Meet us to serve and fellowship with our homeless brothers and sisters at 2800 Saint Charles Street Houston, Texas. Wear your trisiSistah4:12 t-shirt!


Next month we will have a fundraiser DINNER with trSistah4:12 at Off the Vine Bistro @ 2865 Dulles Avenue, Missouri City, Texas on Thursday May 25, 2017 from 5:00pm until 8:30PM. You sign up at the link below, meet us Thursday evening, pay for your meal (average price 12-15 dollars per person), place your receipt in the designated fundraiser box at the register, fellowship with us and the restaurant will donate 25% of the proceeds to triSistah4:12 Ministries. Easy right! Please sign up below ASAP to keep our event on the fundraiser calendar. Please share and bring a sistah with you. Family welcome!

Continue sharing this link to your GroupRaise Meal: http://www.groupraise.com/events/31195

Carla and Dr. Aqua


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