Why not ME? Why not NOW?

It’s Resurrection Season! It’s time to get up!

I pray that you’ve made time to spend with family and friends to celebrate the triumph and love of our Resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ. He is worthy to be praised. He is Risen!

Unbelievably we are more than halfway through the 4th month of the new year. Spring has sprung! From my perspective, this has been a wonderful year so far. Because the Lord is good! He has simply been everything that He said He would be for those who love and trust Him. I hope you can look back over the last 4 years, 4 months, 4 days, even 4 hours and say that God has been good to me.

Earlier this year triSistah 4:12 Ministries celebrated it’s 5th anniversary in ministry. If you came to the anniversary empowerment fellowship or you follow us on social media you know that our theme this year is M. A. D. E. Our foundational scripture for this year is John 5:6 NKJV. We believe that 2017 is the year for you to be well and whole by the power of God that is working inside you.

Hopefully, you read Carla’s post in January He M.A.D.E Me, when she introduced our theme and discussed manifestation. You can also see my introduction of theme on our Facebook page. Today I hope to empower you with the meaning of the letter A in our theme. Activate.

M.A.D.E. = Manifest. Activate. Discern. Evolve. 

When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to be made well?” John 5:6 NKJ 


Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action chalk drawing

As you often hear me say God is not a genie or fairy and He doesn’t grant us wishes or sprinkle fairy dust on us for us to change and reach our full potential. Healing and wholeness are made possible because we agree with God about the changes that we need to make and we take action to make the changes. Then we depend on the power of the Holy Spirit to sustain us and our actions while we change.

God speaks promise and purpose to us that we can trust wholeheartedly and believe (2 Corinthians 1:20). Our role in receiving the promise and fulfilling our purpose is to ACT on what you believe. We have to make up our mind,  pursue our passion and purpose based on what we believe………………who we believe God is and who we believe God has M. A. D. E. us.

Do we really believe in the power of God to do the supernatural? Do we really believe that we can live the abundant life promised in the Word? The Bible says “so a man thinketh in his heart so is he” Proverbs 23:7.” If we believe IN God and we believe that the Word of God is true, we would act those beliefs. We are required to put feet to God’s purpose and plan for our lives.

I hear you Dr. Aqua, you don’t understand…I am waiting on the Lord. I’m waiting on the Lord to move. If you are reading this now and your heart has been pricked, I am here to tell you that the Lord is waiting on you. Waiting for you to stop making excuses, stop waiting for resources, stop waiting until you feel worthy, stop waiting on the right time and stop waiting until you have achieved some natural measurement of success.

Feelings of unworthiness, fear, slothfulness, and uncertainty are just a few reasons why we don’t take ACTION when we hear from God. All of these reasons or excuses can be categorized as disobedience. Ouch! It hurts when you think about it that way. Nonetheless, we have to move past what we think about our healing and get to the place we trust what God says about our healing.

God says you are healed. You are whole. He has a plan for your life that requires you to pick up your cross daily and live like you’ve been saved and set free. Of course, as humans we are limited. But God is not limited in what He can accomplish in and through us when we surrender our hearts. When will we believe that we are more than enough and BECAUSE of Jesus complete healing is ours. First we must BELIEVE and then we must BEHAVE our way to divine healing.

What we are willing to DO and how we ACT through the power of the Holy Spirit determines the breath and depth of our healing. What are you willing to sacrifice to have your healing come to fruition? What has God told you to DO that you have put off DOING? What are you willing to do or STOP DOING to be M. A. D. E. well? A delay in your obedience is a delay in your blessings, yours and those connected to you.


In this season, I pray that you will take an honest look at the actions you need to take to participate in your healing. I pray that you will choose to ACTIVATE the power of the Holy Spirit in you. Go ahead and forgive who you need to forgive, go back to school and get that degree, write that book, start the ministry in your heart, or start exercising and eating healthy. Only you know what God has told you to do to be M. A. D. E.

Tell someone what God whispered to you and start your journey today. It’s your move.

Dr. Aqua


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